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Bluegrass/Fescue Sod

Bluegrass/Fescue Sod – Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing

Discover the durability and beauty of our Bluegrass/Fescue Sod, perfect for New England landscapes, whether residential or commercial. This sod blend combines fine-textured grass blades and a rich green color that elevates lawn aesthetics while offering practical benefits.


  • Free delivery on all orders
  • Each pallet covers 500 to 600 sq ft
  • Available in 2ftx5ft rolls
  • High shade tolerance and heavy foot traffic resilience

Our Bluegrass/Fescue sod is developed using advanced agricultural techniques to ensure optimal growth and health. This makes it easy for anyone to instantly enhance their outdoor space with a lush, vibrant lawn.

Order now by entering your total lawn square footage. Enjoy the convenience of fresh, high-quality sod delivered directly to your door. Transform your property with our exceptional Bluegrass/Fescue Sod and experience a new standard in lawn quality and customer service.

Black Beauty Sod – Eco-Friendly and Durable

Our Black Beauty Sod offers a sustainable lawn solution for New England homeowners and businesses. This blend of 70% Tall Fescue, 20% Bluegrass, and 10% Ryegrass requires 30-50% less water and fertilizer once established, promoting environmental sustainability.


  • Free delivery on orders
  • Each pallet contains 50 to 60 rolls
  • Covers 500 to 600 sq ft per pallet
  • Optimal for the “American Lawn” in New England
  • Available in 2ftx5ft rolls

Our sod thrives in various conditions, showing excellent shade tolerance and resistance to common lawn diseases like red thread, dollar spot, and brown patch. It’s perfect for creating a lush, inviting outdoor space.

Order today by entering your total lawn square footage and get vibrant, high-quality sod delivered straight to your door, ready to transform your property into a beautiful and resilient green space.

Black Beauty Sod
Microclover Sod

Microclover Sod – Sustainable and Low-Maintenance

Our Microclover Sod is the ultimate eco-friendly lawn solution for New England properties. Known for its self-fertilizing qualities through nitrogen fixation, this sod blend minimizes the need for external fertilizers and is especially beneficial in conservation areas.


  • No fertilizer needed post-establishment
  • Requires minimal water once established
  • Each pallet covers 500 to 600 sq ft
  • Free delivery on all orders
  • Available in 2ftx5ft rolls

This high-quality sod blend is enriched with microclover, designed to enhance soil health and maintain lushness with minimal maintenance. It’s ideal for locations near water bodies or where chemical fertilizers are restricted, promoting a healthier, greener lawn with less environmental impact.

Order today by entering the total square footage of your lawn project. Enjoy fresh, vibrant sod delivered directly to your door with our hassle-free service. Transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, sustainable lawn with our Microclover Sod.



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