Transform Your Lawn with Our Microclover Sod

The Eco-Friendly Choice for a Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Lawn

Discover the perfect eco-friendly solution for your lawn with our Microclover Sod, available exclusively at East Coast Sod. Our premium blend combines the best characteristics of Tall Fescue, Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Microclover, resulting in a lush, healthy lawn that thrives with minimal maintenance.
microclover sod

FREE DELIVERY for a Hassle-Free Experience

Why worry about transportation when you can get fresh, vibrant sod delivered straight to your door with FREE DELIVERY? Our 2ftx5ft rolls come in pallets of 50 to 60 and cover 500 to 600 sq ft. The more you order, the better pricing you receive. Just enter your total square footage, and we’ll take care of the rest. Order now for a stunning, healthy lawn!
microclover sod

The Benefits of Microclover Sod

Our Microclover Sod offers numerous advantages for your lawn:

  • No Fertilizer Needed: Microclover naturally enriches the soil by absorbing nitrogen from the air and converting it into a form usable by turfgrass, eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Minimal Water Requirements: Once established, our sod requires minimal water, reducing water consumption and promoting water conservation.
  • Great for Conservation Areas: Perfect for areas near water bodies or those with restrictions on chemical fertilizers, our eco-friendly blend adheres strictly to organic practices.
  • Organic and Sustainable: Utilizing only organic fertilizers, our sod is an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for your lawn.

Quality You Can Trust

At East Coast Sod, we are committed to providing only the best sod for your lawn. Our Microclover Sod is grown using advanced techniques that ensure optimal growth and quality. Each roll is carefully harvested and delivered to your doorstep, making it easy for you to create an instant and healthy lawn.

Expert Advice and Support

As industry leaders, we understand that the success of your lawn depends on more than just the sod itself. That’s why we offer expert advice and support to help you properly install and maintain your new Microclover Sod. From soil preparation to watering schedules, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Order Your Microclover Sod Today

Don’t wait any longer to transform your lawn into a beautiful and eco-friendly outdoor space. Order your high-quality Microclover Sod from East Coast Sod today and experience the difference that our premium sod can make for your lawn! Simply enter the total amount of square feet needed for your sod project, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A Greener, Healthier Lawn

Invest in the beauty and sustainability of your lawn with our Microclover Sod. With its eco-friendly features and lush appearance, this sod is the perfect choice for any landscape. Order now and let East Coast Sod help you create the lawn of your dreams!